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Peter Stroud
Guitar, Sarah McLachlan / Sheryl Crow
Peter is most widely recognized as Sheryl Crow’s guitarist, whom he has performed alongside for the better part of 13 years. He first gained attention recording and touring with mid-90’s Seattle artist Pete Droge. Over the years Peter has performed or recorded with Don Henley, Sarah McLachlan, Stevie Nicks, Shawn Mullins and most recently Richie Sambora.

As well as an active musician, he is a guitar amp designer, having co-founded 65amps, one of the most highly regarded brands in the ‘boutique amp’ market.

Peter is once again back with Sheryl Crow with a new band. As well, he has formed his own group, BIG HAT, with a forthcoming debut EP to be released by year’s end. He produces and writes for other artists. Originally from Greensboro, NC, Peter remains true to his southern roots in Atlanta, GA.

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