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Rob Arthur
Vocals, keyboards / Peter Frampton, Five for Fighting
Born in Minneapolis, keyboardist/guitarist singer/writer Rob Arthur spent the early part of his career learning, living and loving the "Minneapolis Sound". Eventually he moved to New York City to work with many of the music industries' top talents including Joan Osborne, Kate Pierson (B-52s), Curt Smith (Tears For Fears), Paul Shaffer and many, many others. Rob joined the band Five For Fighting and spent 3 years promoting the hit single "100 Years".

While recording the next Five For Fighting record, Rob was called by Peter Frampton, who was looking for a keyboardist/guitarist/singer. Rob joined him and for the past seven years has been touring the world with Frampton, promoting "Frampton Comes Alive - 35th year anniversary".
Rob's record, "Anywhere But Home" is available on itunes and features Allen Toussaint and Peter Frampton.

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